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23 February 2010
Press Release /Statement of TP2SK
Unfold the Fact behind of Public Consultation for Assessment Planning of HCVF in Kampar

The present, Riau people have known that Indonesian Department of Forestry has been evaluating the deforestation licensing of PT. RAPP in Kampar Peninsula (KP) with answering the questions, Did the deforestation licensing of PT. RAPP give adverse toward the environment dan society or contrarily? Existence of PT. RAPP surround in KP area have been creating conflict in Teluk Meranti Village people and others. And the present (23/2), Tropenbos team, a institute of certification HCVF (High Conservation Value Forest) explained the survey result of peatland which has high values in Kampar Peninsula to stakeholders ... (read more)

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8 January 2010
345.619 Ha of Riau Province Land Disputes

PEKANBARU, - Area of land in dispute in the case of agrarian in Riau Province has now reached 345,619 hectares (ha), and the number has increased over the last three years. "The area of land in dispute rose significantly every year," said Executive Director Scale Up (Sustainable Social Development Partnership), Ahmad Zazali, in Pekanbaru, Thursday (7/1/2010). (read more)

8 January 2010
The Teluk Meranti People Vow to Save the Kampar Peninsula

PEKANBARU, MI - Approximately 1,000 residents of the five villages in the Teluk Meranti Sub-district, Pelalawan District, Riau on Friday (8/1) vowed to save the 700,000 hectares of peatland area in the Kampar Peninsula. The community is opposing the conversion of the area with the deepest peatland layer in the world reaching a depth of 20 m into HTI. (read more)

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